WUS Swivel Holster Forward Only AUTOMATICS ONLY

WUS Swivel Forward Holster. Holster swivels forward only. Forward swivel top allows your weapon to move with you and then back into a straight position. Width of top is 4” across. Reinforced shank assures strength and durability. Holster can be made with a 2, 3, or 4 inch drop. Belt slot for 2 ¼” Sam Browne unless specified otherwise

  • Automatic: Comes with closed trigger guard for maximum safety. Holster can be made with a level 2
  • Smooth top grain leather remains relatively free of dirt, grit and facilitates fast and easy draw. Shoemaker Premium Leather is factory dyed for long lasting good looks.

* Please note that the holsters in pictures may not look the same for all weapons.

* Please specify make, model and barrel length of gun in customer comments.

* Holster can be made for most weapons

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